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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 7:32am-8:00am +03

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wanted to or i'm canadian of that or sort of encroachment on. the good. of the world. when i write that i love. so there's that at what point do you. think that i think you know that i. don't know but i don't know what.
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my you know. how do you know i know that i look on my did i. see. that happen that. show you're muslim no cargo mathematical put down the camera in several episodes shown. in quantity going to france and i'm going to say my you know that i mean i'm not being dumb as some of the. c. n n ok i might know when i. see. them but i'm from some. sort of knows. me. some oh so now i mean they're going to see the movie and then you see this is the end and it was you can see it go. you want to get in when i mean. you know let you go do this you can feel it i was here.
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we are soon enough for the one of the few. i was in that was another letter from someone in a civil suit if you're going to see them into going to do a good woman so you go. oh hi lemonade people we never want today. when they get it. done and. master got the lad god. the only thing that i want to. because if i'm feeling though or that i fear the solution which levinson's will gas. out of me so best of all tell us how those who got to. go and ask about them go
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to let me ask you about it. and me i said maybe you. were right the cardinal soon going did it because he. said i love him oh. he's in your. i know what. i know that's a i will say the other half in the area. then only he didn't really come for the us. so but i learned one template on a simple cone. is that the nothing that isn't. when include.
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all. the way. with a rare left the not so the same so this illusion that i'm less sure i learned a lesson was that. this is. ok let's hear. what i post and. yeah i mean what i want to hear. that totally clear is that you know. i'm right about the dead man. last i. knew that though your video was right out there hear it if i were a medic that was he that had to get out of it that way unless i came here and.
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a song list of mandamus amish egypt sexualised the center of the south. october on al-jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigate the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its parliamentary elections to what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the legacy of monaco duckies mood
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and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera yaps oldest muslim undertakers working here is a seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black man started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping fathering to which i'm speaking is this part of the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. zero. under president trump finding asylum in the u.s. has become harder than ever i am put in place
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a zero tolerance policy if you are modeling a child then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you thousands of families escaping violence at home now face separation detention and deportation as the u.s. closes its doors no shelter announces in. the locker. room. this is. fully back to bo this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes iran summons e. envoys of several european countries over an attack on a military parade that killed twenty nine people. the woman accusing u.s.
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault agrees to testify before a senate committee also this hour a remarkable rescue a survivor is found in an air pocket of a ferry two days after it capsized on lake victoria in tanzania killing two hundred nine people. and capturing the past with the present we'll tell you about a photography exhibition that portrays the violence against african-americans. the rainy and governor. tests summoned envoys from the u.k. netherlands and denmark is accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups hours after a gunman opened fire on a military parade twenty nine people were killed the attack happened in the southern city of avaaz around one hundred fifty kilometers from the iraqi border i saw has claimed responsibility in a statement circulated on twitter that al-jazeera cannot confirm its authenticity
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the advise national resistance an abscess or to school is also claiming responsibility for the attack iran's military says the attackers were trained and organized by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel in a tweet iran's foreign minister said his government will respond swiftly and decisively dosage of ari has our report. chaos and panic in the city of laws in southern iran as an unprecedented scene unfolds during a military parade. an identified gunman opened fire your parade at the start of sacred defense week it commemorates iranians who died during the eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. . while the wounded were being treated people were warned to go down a revolutionary guard spokesman says four men dressed in khaki uniforms and riding motorbikes are connected to the al-a z a group which is supported by saudi arabia.
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to least four people terrorists who had previously built their weapons to the area days before they hit their weapons them when people came to see the parade and gathered they grabbed their weapons and fired at the people with machine guns. there was a similar. in the middle of the parade we realized that a group wearing fake military clothing who attacked our children from behind us and then fired on women and children they fought completely blindly they were picking targets just firing. some more killed others captured when they come to launch an attack like this the i.r.g.c. in southwestern iran in and out of a populated region can back me. up there has been and will put out a plan in order to send a very strong message actually so there are delays sions to believe now and there
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are reasons to believe now that. this is been a sack masterminded by the united states and the saudis especially because the attack hillary a solid terrorists of all that was the year supported by this all these you know have been recognized to been in charge of this attack the rare attack took place includes islam province which borders iraq and has the largest ethnic arab community in iran the province was a major battleground during the iran iraq war the obvious attack happened as president hassan rouhani was delivering a speech at the main anniversary parade into iran he was briefed on the attack and continues his speech which it orating iran's position on its defense capabilities ronnie said they will continue to increase day by day and in africa as the investigation continues into the major breach of security dosage of ari al jazeera . for more on this let's not speak to a traitor parsi he's
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a professor at georgetown university and author of losing and enemy obama iran and the child of democracy he's via skype from northern virginia near washington d.c. thank you very much for being with us. it didn't come as a surprise that the iranians accused. the u.s. and saudis of masterminding this attack in a fast but they've also summoned the envoys of the netherlands denmark and great britain accusing these countries of harboring iranian opposition groups what does this suggest as far as who they think is responsible. the fact that they some of the europeans is also not particular pride missing since some of these separates pistorius ations are essentially headquartered in europe many of them being in london particularly this. separatist organization has been and ducting activities are next in line for quite some time i'm so that in itself was not surprising nor is it surprising that the iranians would be blaming or hinting at blame at the united states saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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what is perhaps a little bit different this time around is that there are circumstantial evidence that makes it much more difficult to dismiss the iraq i mean accusations out of hand but i mean you have a scenario in which the secretary of the national security advisor of the trumpet instruction john bolton wrote a memo that was released back in august two thousand and seventeen in which he specifically argued that the united states should be providing assistance to this specific movement in all of this done by the previous arabs you also have a scenario in which. from saudi arabia the crown prince did it say last year that he's going to take the fight into iran but you had an adviser to the u.a.e. crown prince saying that this was not a terrorist attack this is stated policy and that we will see more of that when statements of this kind are being made it's much more difficult to say that the iran is or just automatically by reflex pointing their finger at the united states and some of its allies is in the region there seems to be some indications that
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there is a validity in some of these accusations the president has done rouhani has found a crushing response what response will this provoke iran into a regional escalation or will they have no choice but to perhaps demonstrate restraints because it could have serious consequences for the region of course. well i certainly hope that there is a very measured response in fact that the iranians who are tremendous amount of restraint because this may very well be an f. thirty to go deep iranians into giving a very harsh response and then use that response that as a pretext for a larger escalation we have known quite clearly it's been open now that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have been pushing the united states to to attack iran militarily for several years now if. it greedy essentially to escalate further there is a risk that this could lead all the way into these countries managing to drag the united states into a larger war but the region do you see this having an impact in the current conflicts in yemen syria way iran is involved while the saudis and the
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u.s. are very frustrated by their own defeat in some of these countries and iran has been involved militarily in these countries it is in syria and we see that the region has become a battleground for a proxy war between india and the saudis in many different areas but not all of these conflicts or course proxy war but what the saudi peace i think they want is for the united states to step into this conflict much more actively and signed with the saudis because that's probably the only way they think that they can defeat the iranians and what this all shows what it's again is that we don't have too little conflict in the region or too little military action we have a significant deficit to have the policy it is absolutely imperative that we shift towards a more diplomatic approach these cobbling and resolve them because there is not going to be a military solution for either one of the parties trita parsi very good thoughts on
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this thank you very much for joining us on not just here thank you for having. to the u.s. now and the woman who's accused president trump supreme court nominee of sexual assault has agreed to testify before a senate committee next week christine blasi forward says brett kavanaugh assaulted her at a party in one thousand nine hundred eighty two he denies the allegations let's go to john hendren our correspondent in washington d.c. so john after a lot of back and forth confirmation that christine basie ford will testify. but quite a few details need to be worked out. that's right fully this is an extraordinary end to a game of congressional chicken for days the head of the senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley a republican had been setting deadlines and insisting that christine baazi ford meet those deadlines and he threatened if she did not then he would go ahead and hold a vote without hearing from her in that committee on the kavanaugh nomination now
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she has ignored those deadlines and accused the committee of bullying and now they have finally come to an agreement in which in a statement by her lawyer her lawyer sent a note to that committee saying they would agree there are still a number of things to work out this is not happening the way that she wanted it to but now a woman who initially came forward anonymously will be speaking in the full glare of a congressional committee she had wanted this all to happen on thursday she had wanted to their questions to be asked by the senators themselves and she wanted to speak after brett kavanaugh spoke so that she could rebut everything that he had to say or anything he had to say now the committee instead says they want this to happen on wednesday they want the questions asked by an independent or an outside counsel that is probably because all of the republicans on that committee are men they're worried about the way it's going to look for men to be asking harsh questions of an alleged sexual assault victim so they're looking for a woman to do that questioning and they also want kavanaugh to go second to rebut the the things that she has to say now republicans have lined up behind kavanagh
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they are not backing off him mike pence the vice president of the united states spoke just today to a group of value voters as they call themselves and this is what he had to say. but honestly the way some democrats have conducted themselves during this process is a disgrace the president are confident that senate republicans will manage this confirmation properly with the up most respect for all concerned and i believe the judge brett kavanaugh will soon be just as brett kavanaugh and take the. united states. so john how might christine basie force testimony potentially influence kavanagh's confirmation good could it hurt him or is this a done deal. well it could conceivably hurt him but so far you have real confidence from the trumpet ministration and from republicans on that committee that kavanaugh
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will go forward president trump said if this really happened thirty six years ago that she would have reported it mcconnell mitch mcconnell the top republican in the senate said that cavanaugh will be the next supreme court justice so people are lining up behind him on the republican side nevertheless this is been set up as a kind of he said she said hearing it a little like the anita hill hearings when clarence thomas was up for the u.s. supreme court and she had accused him of sexual harassment but in that case there was an f.b.i. investigation looking into the facts there were other witnesses none of that will happen here this witness will speak cavanaugh will speak and then if the committee has its way it will move on to a vote but there has been a little bit of embarrassment on the republican side and that is that a spokesman for.


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